OurMission Statment:

To be a dynamic Spiritual Organization empowered by The Holy Spirit and drawn together with the common cause of sharing Jesus Christ with people throughout our world. Worshiping God, recognizing and responding to His leadership. Seeking daily to love Him with all that we are, that we may deepen and fulfill our relationship with Him. Unselfishly loving and ministering to people in our community and world. Daily living Christ-like lives by emphasizing total commitment of life, personality, and possessions to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Our History:

  On the third Sunday of June 19th, 1825, a group of people met under a large tree along the Santa Fe trail, East of Independence, and a primitive Baptist Church was formed. The site of the church was along the West side of a six mile area of protection around Fort Osage; hence the name Six Mile Baptist Church. Later that year a log church was built, and Joab Powell served as first Pastor. He later moved to Oregon and a monument is there today in his memory as a typical pioneer preacher of the West.

  One of our pioneer preachers, Jeremiah Farmer, rode horseback to the church every first and third Sunday from his home in Westport. He received .50 cents and a pair of hand-knitted socks every year as compensation.

  In 1835, Six Mile Church was the host for the Blue River Association, and it boasted a nine year history with a membership of 29. Reverend White preached the sermon from II Timothy, "Study to Show Thyself Approved."

  About 1839, Baptist churches in the Association became divided over support for missions. Six Mile chose to support missions, making contributions to help other churches, to feed the starving Indians in the countryside, and to support missions overseas.

  A new church building was erected in 1859 on a plot of ground given by James Chiles. The church was a rectangular frame structure with two doors: one for women and one for men. Inside the men sat on the left, and the women sat on the right. Our present building is located on this site. Then came the Civil War. Many people were forced to leave the countryside and an unpopular Order 11. Reverend G. L. Black conducted services when possible. After the war, only 24 members were left. Six Mile was the only church in Northeastern Jackson County until one was started in 1871 in Sibley.

  Six Mile Church began to grow again under pastors J. E. Petty, Alfred Jones, M. F. Johnson, D. P.

Mason, and W.S. Peace. It is recorded in 1884 that members gave $103.50 for missions, a large missions gift at that time.

  In 1904, a new frame building was constructed while L.F. Barger was Pastor. In 1906, and in the early part of 1908, a smallpox outbreak in the community closed the church.

  Our 100th anniversary was celebrated by inviting the Blue River Association to meet with us in September, 1925. After the business meeting was over, a birthday cake baked by Mrs Will Bridges was presented, and everyone present had a happy reunion. The Reverend O. J. Bowles was our pastor at that time.

  A basement was dug in 1934 allowing the congregation to have more Sunday School rooms and a place for programs and dinners. The first Vacation Bible School was started in 1945, and one has been held every year since.

  In January 1946, it was voted to call a full-time pastor. Up until this time, the church had the services of a pastor only on the first and third Sundays of the month.

  A new brick educational building was added to the church property, just south of the frame sanctuary, in 1964. The new building contained 26 classrooms. J. I. Willard was our pastor at that time.

  On January 18, 1971, while Reverend Harry Moore was pastor, a fire completely destroyed both the educational building and the sanctuary. A group of stunned people met at the Santa Fe Catholic church in Buckner for worship service four days later. All the community was very kind to us during this time. We continued to use Santa Fe Church for Wednesday night prayer meetings. Sunday morning worship services were held in the Fort Osage high School. These arrangements were used until our new church building was completed.

  A dedication service was held for our new church building on September 5, 1971. Reverend Harry Moore was our untiring pastor during the time of rebuilding.  Reverend J. E. Raines preached the dedication sermon.

  Oct 12, 1975, marked the 150th anniversary of The Six Mile Baptist Church. Revered J. I. Willard brought a challenging sermon after a basket dinner and a time of fellowship to reunite old friends and members of the church.

  In the years of 172-1975, Six Mile experienced some of it's greatest growth. Sunday School attendance reached an average of 169. Ronald J. Hicks was pastor during that period.

  A Note Burning Ceremony was held on November 19, 1978, during the morning worship with Reverend James Millstead as pastor. The new building was clear of all debt.

  Reverend Bob Johnston served the church as pastor from 1979 until 1983. Reverend Larry Neil served as pastor from 1983 until 1986. Many fond memories were made under these two men.

  August 9, 1992, a ground breaking ceremony was held for a new 60x40 two story addition. On April 4, 1993, the addition was named The Willard Building in honor of J. J. Willard, past pastor, and Willard Mann, faithful deacon. Reverend Jim Rawdon was our pastor at this time.

  Our history would not be complete without  special mention of Reverend Clarence Bates, Charles Peters and Earl Mann, who served as Interim Pastors. Which brought us to the year 2000. Now, in 2020, with many more faithful servants having stepped up over the decades to faithfully serve the Six Mile body of believers, we pray that more God-honoring history is being made this very day, as we give God all the glory for His incredible faithfulness to this church body over the last 195 years. May it always remain our mission and our goal to reach the lost, minister to the hurting, edify the saints, and do all for the glory of God, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

  We gratefully acknowledge and are thankful to all the men and women who, through their sweat and tears, worked and served to make Six Mile Baptist Church what it is today. God has blessed this church with many loving servants loyal to His Word over the years. May we remain faithful as we continue to make history for those that will come after us.